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 It all began with Dew Maker.


When skincare specialist Robin Erb moved from Florida to Boston in the mid-nineties, she noticed the people around her were aging prematurely due to the dry, cold climate. Having grown up obsessed with skincare, Robin dove into research to develop her own formula for the perfect harsh-weather beauty solution. Dew Maker was the result.  What began as Robin’s own personal beauty treatment soon had her clients addicted! With the addition of Eye Crack, Smoothover, Starlight Serum, Miracle Youth Elixir, gListen and Eternity Balm,  Dew Maker evolved into the erb + owens skincare line.

(Inspiration for the name: two sisters obsessed with skincare.)   



🌱Vegan•Organic•No Crap 🌱_At erb+owens,

The erb + owens skincare line is distinctive in that its products were developed specifically to combat the dehydration and wrinkling of skin caused by exposure to harsh elements such as wind, dry air, and cold. Robin spent years of research perfecting her formulas for maximum effectiveness so that only a few products are needed to keep skin nourished, renewed, and youthful.

All erb + owens products draw their magical power from Mother Nature’s wonders. These “star ingredients” keep clients coming back for more. Sea buckthorn works like Retinol A for healthy cell turnover without irritation.  Meadowfoam, rose hip, argan, evening primrose, borage, and avocado oil diminish wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance. Orange oil lifts the spirits and keeps acne away.

All erb + owens products are at least 90% organic, contain no parabens or artificial preservatives. and are vegan!


Dew Maker is perfect for everyday use and keeps skin hydrated and radiant while maintaining a healthy pH balance. Our miracle treatment,  Smooth Over plumps skin as it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles--topical botox! Eye Crack, Robin’s own personal addiction, is the culmination of years of research coupled with Argireline peptides to create the best natural replacement for Botox.

Dew Maker fans say they “can’t live without this product” and that it keeps their skin “moisturized but break-out free.”


Robin herself describes the erb + owens skincare line as “desirably addictive.”

Her personal philosophy?

“I’ll leave home naked, but not without wearing my Dew Maker and Eye Crack!” – Robin Erb

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