why erb + owens

vegan       almost oragnic      no crap

Don't be fooled by Mother Nature, she packs a punch!

Fountain of youth star ingredients, all created by Mother Nature herself, are the foundation of our products. Some of our star ingredients are:

Borage Oil

Helps chronic skin disorders like eczema and dermatitis by reducing redness 


Rosehip Oil 

Reduces skin pigmentation scars, brightens and promotes anti-aging 


Avocado Oil

Replenish dry skin and protects skin from harsh cold climates


Meadowfoam Oil

Delivers nutrients deep into skin while locking in moisture  


Lemon & Orange Oil

Anti-bacterial properties help keep acne away


Evening Primrose Oil

Enhances elasticity and promotes a healthy, clear complexion 


Date Seed Extract 

Extends the life of skin cells 


Sea Buckthorn Oil 

Combats dryness, promotes healing from acne, and used as a natural coloring agent 


Sea Kelp Coral 

Reduces redness and irritation 


Hyaluronic Acid

Plumps and hydrates the skin


Snap 8

Topical botox!! 


Epidermal Growth Factor 

Lab made, but vegan!